Executives & Professionals Risks

As a director, executive or professional, you’re responsible for decisions that impact others. Act with confidence, knowing you have insurance cover if an action by you or your organisation results in a loss to someone else.


Executives and professionals face complex risks. Our 50 years of experience gives us the expertise to understand these risks and find ways to manage them by reviewing and restructuring your insurance and risk protection strategies.


Our expert team works with you to identify the specific risks you face and put strategies into place to manage them – so you have the most comprehensive cover at the right price.

Market Reach

A wide network of insurers for a far-reaching industry. As one of the longest operating privately owned brokers in Australia, we’ve built strong relationships with local and international insurers – giving you access to a broad range of tailored solutions.

Investing in your success

Many industries are becoming increasingly regulated, leaving key executives and professional staff exposed. And in an increasingly litigious world, the likelihood of legal action is greater than ever before. We’ll work to safeguard you and your assets from first and third party losses. You can do your job with confidence and security, knowing we’re doing our job – protecting you.

What are the most common risks?

Professional Indemnity Insurance

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Cyber Insurance

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Management Liability Insurance

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Protecting your organisation from:

Wrongful Acts made against Directors/Officers

Association Liability

Criminal Activity

Statutory Fines and Penalties

Alleged Negligence, Acts, Errors or Omissions from professional services/duties

Information Technology Services

Financial Institutions Liability and Investment Managers Insurance

Legal Fees/Representation

Cyber Threats

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