Cyber Protection

Designed to help protect your business from the financial impact of computer hacking or a data breach.

Who should consider Cyber Protection protection?

If your business has a website or electronic records, you're vulnerable to cyber hackers.

It is likely that your business will suffer a cyber attack at some stage.

A cyber attack could cost your business more than money. It could also threaten your intellectual property and put customer's information at risk - which could damage your reputation.

Why is it important?

What can it cover?

Cyber insurance policies vary in the benefits they provide. Our risk consultancy team can help you find the most suitable product that meets the needs of your business. Here's the type of cover that your policy may include

Case Study

Scenario: Your employee opens an email attachment infected with a ransomware virus. Access to your systems and data are blocked unless you pay the ransom. Rather than paying you hire external IT consultants forcing you to close your business and lose revenue, affecting your reputation with clients.

Outcome: A Cyber Protection Insurance policy allows you to recover some costs you incur during this incident. Depending on your policy you may be able to make a claim for losses caused by the interruption, costs of recovering data and ongoing crisis management expenses.

*Disclaimer: The information contained in this case study is used only for the purpose of illustration. Individual circumstances, insurance and coverage may vary.

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