Equine & Bloodstock Insurance Solutions

Horses and bloodstock require a significant outlay of time, money and energy, and the risks are high. From injury, illness and death to theft – if something unexpected happens the costs can mount up quickly. Protect your investment, without being taken for a ride.

Customised Solutions

Navigating the complex equine industry requires creative solutions. We specialise in helping you mitigate risks and secure tailored coverage designed to meet your unique needs. Ranging from cover for racehorses, performance horses, breeding stock, voluntary workers and more.


Expertise & Advocacy

We’ll be your advocate in the market. With over 50 years’ experience in this industry, you can count on our expertise to protect your most important equine assets. We’ll put our deep understanding of your industry, and ours, to work for you.

Long Term Relationship

More than an insurance broker, we’re your insurance partners. We’ve built enduring relationships with clients, key industry associations and other businesses. Your dedicated consultant will be on hand at every turn, from negotiating cover to making a claim.

Discover our industry pedigree

We've been specialising in equine and bloodstock insurance for over 50 years. Our long-term clients include some of the industry's largest associations. Including Racing Australia, the Australian Jockeys' Association, and Pony Club Australia.

Why do you need the right type of equine insuranace?

Anyone involved in equine sports knows, the risks to horses, riders, and businesses can be significant. That's why it's essential to have the right type of equine insurance in place. Finding the right level of cover can be challenging. Our expertise in the industry means we understand the unique risks and challenges that come with owning, training, or racing horses.

We can offer fresh solutions and access to insurance packages that others may not be able to offer. Protecting yourself or your equine business activity doesn't have to be complicated. Let us help you find the right coverage for your peace of mind.

Why our clients work with us

What are the risk solutions for your industry?

Public Liability and Products Liability Insurance

Bloodstock Mortality

Performance Horse Insurance

Farm and Business Property Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Association Liability

Voluntary Workers Insurance

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