Public & Private Trustees

As a public trustee or guardian, you’re responsible for making decisions on behalf of others. We offer tailored programs to manage your clients’ insurance needs – so you can focus on supporting them in other areas of their lives.


Get expert insurance advice, along with advocacy, negotiation and placement. Our solutions are tailored to your clients and their circumstances, with personal support if they need to make a claim.


Living under trustee and guardian management comes with unique insurance risks. We’ll help you keep your clients protected with reputable insurers and innovative solutions to meet their needs.


Our user-friendly digital platform gives you a reportable history of your clients’ activity, making it easier to manage multiple insurance portfolios for a large number of clients.

Protecting and empowering your clients

Many insurers view clients or properties under guardianship as risky – making it difficult to find appropriate cover. On top of this, your clients may face stringent conditions or onerous risk management policies before an insurer will accept them.

We understand the role you play in mitigating any risks associated with your clients’ circumstances. And with access to a wide range of insurance products and established relationships with insurers, we can find solutions to protect your clients without unfair penalties.

Protect your clients from

Vacant properties


Unregistered motor vehicles

Public and Products Liability

Professional Indemnity

Flood and fire

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