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COVID-19 Workers Compensation Revisions

June 2, 2020

On Thursday, the 14th of  May 2020, the COVID-19 Legislation Amendment (Emergency Measures – Miscellaneous) Act 2020 No 5 (‘the Act’) came into effect. For workers compensation, this act addresses certain categories of workers, who will be compensated if they contract COVID-19 while working in their prescribed place of work. This act applies to causal […]

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Aged Care Insurance Market Update

May 15, 2020

Since creating the first Aged Care insurance facility in Australia some 40 years ago, we have observed over the years insurance rates increasing and decreasing but not to any significant degree. Despite these fluctuations, generally the industry has been treated well by insurers in comparison to others. Historically, the sector was known to benefit from some […]

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Workers Compensation Claims and Premiums

April 24, 2020

As COVID-19 has collectively disrupted the normality of business operations, how does it affect Workers Compensation Claims and Premiums? Support has been offered by SIRA, icare and the Government through legislation change. With this support, Employers and Employees need to be aware of how COVID-19 has specifically impacted premiums and the claims process. Changes to […]

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