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Public & Products Liability

Public and Products Liability Policy provides coverage for the legal liability to pay compensation to third parties for personal injury and property damage as a consequence of their business activities.

Professional Indemnity

The Policy provides coverage for an Insured's legal liability for breach of professional duty resulting from an act, error or omission committed by or on behalf of the Insured.

Submitting a claim

How to make a claim

1. Contact Gow-Gates on 02 8267 9999 and report an incident.

2. Use the claim form below.

3. It is important to register your claim 30 days from the date you first became aware. The claim form should be completed by you and forwarded to Gow-Gates along with any received documentation as well as pertinent documentation if necessary. i.e photos, third party statements etc.

Claims Department
Gow Gates Insurance Brokers
GPO Box 4731
Sydney NSW 2001

Risk Management

Similar to the disclaimer and waivers, the following points are pertinent to you providing your "duty of care" and responsibilities to your students/clients and the general public:

  • Provide a safe environment
  • Provide safe and adequate equipment
  • Provide safe practices, policies and procedures
  • Provide appropriate medical and emergency requirements
  • Provide adequate instructions and supervision for golf related activities

The PGA reiterates that there is no longer a requirement for members to get their customers (including juniors) to sign an appropriate disclaimer form prior to the giving of any tuition / lesson / clinic. The PGA however, strongly recommends that members continue to use these forms for all lessons (particularly junior clinics) in order to protect you and the PGA from avoidable actions and subsequent increases to insurance premiums.

On this website you will find all applicable forms, sample letters to clients and explanatory information for members:

  • Memo detailing when the disclaimer/waiver form is to be used by members and in what situations it is not required - and incorporating the following
  • Best Practice Teaching methodology in terms of Occupational Health and Safety document
  • A disclaimer/waiver form (students under 18 years of age)
  • Covering letter to be used when sending disclaimer/waiver forms out to prospective clients in the mail (the example used is for a school clinic)
  • PGA Golf Tuition Form

Whilst it was our intention to reduce the wording on the disclaimer/waiver form to one page the insurer has stated that the size of the font used on the document must be of a size that the court will determine as "legible". Hence it is important to note that the formatting of the disclaimer and size of the wording is not to be changed by individual members in an attempt to limit it to one page or it may be deemed to invalidate the insurance coverage.

Please familiarise yourself with all the enclosed information and replace them over all previous versions of such documents:

Important documents

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, teaching golf stretching and/or exercises are included in a golf professional's normal activities as a teacher of golf subject otherwise to Policy terms & conditions.

The policy extends to cover the PGA Members' (your) liabilities in respect of the activities subject to all participants taking out travel insurance and subject otherwise to Policy terms and conditions.

As such, the policy will respond as long as you ensure all participants have Travel Insurance in place.

That said you would need to be held legally liable for any property damage or injury for the policy to respond.

If you are a member of the PGA you are covered and have rights to claim under the PGA policy for relevant actions brought against you.

Principals liability is when as a result of the actions of the PGA member (i.e he/she orders a player to hit a ball into a brick wall, returns and injures the player) is found liable for injury and the principal (could be the property owner, driving range, club, school) is dragged into the suit , the PGA policy covers the principal in this regard - so only for the PGA members liability, not as a result of the principals negligence. An example of the principal's negligence - when the matting on a range is worn and badly fitted, causes injury. Both the Member would be sued and the property owner (principal) but who's responsibility is it if a claim occurs? Strong chance liability would rest with the property owner as it is their responsibility to provide a safe environment.

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