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Personal accident

The following brochure is a summary only of the main points of coverage for Personal Accident. The information is of general nature only, no consideration has been made in regard to your own personal needs and/or circumstances.

Professional Indemnity

The Professional Indemnity protection covers trainers for their legal liability to compensate third parties for injuries or property damage due to a breach or alleged negligent act, error or omission. The Professional Indemnity Policy is a "claims made" cover, so protection is provided for claims or circumstances notified to the insurer during the insurance period.

Public & Products Liability

Public and Products Liability Policy covers trainers for their legal liability to pay compensation to third parties for personal injury and property damage as a consequence of their business activities.

Submitting a claim

Personal Accident

1. Download the claim form

2. Complete all sections

3. Attach a copy of your medical expenses

4. Send the form and supporting document to the below email

Public & Product Liability and Professional Indemnity

Notify Gow-Gates immediately of your intention to lodge a liability claim via one of the following

Do not admit liability under any circumstances.

Sports Injury Claim Example

Example 1: Training Accident

John was handling a horse when he was kicked breaking his leg. He is advised he will be unable to train for 7 weeks. He contacts Gow-Gates and a claim form is obtained and a Personal Accident claim is lodged.

John earnt $65,000 in the prior 12 months. Average Weekly earnings $1,250.

As John derives an income from training he is able to claim the maximum $750 per week for his period of incapacity. The insurance also pays $2,500 as a broken bone benefit and reimburses him for medical expenses he has incurred that are not claimable under Medicare, up to the maximum benefit limit of $3,000.

  • 7 Day excess period = NIL
  • 6 weeks Incapacitated @ $750 p/week = $4,500
  • Broken Bone Benefit 50% of $5,000 Benefit = $2,500
  • Non Medicare Medical expenses = $3,000
  • Total claimed = $10,000

Example 2: Training Accident

Whilst riding track work at her property Kim is dislodged and breaks her hip. As she is an owner hobby trainer who does not have a regular income Kim is entitled to claim a routine benefit which pays up to $600 per week for 20 weeks for her to hire replacement staff to carry out reasonable and necessary duties associated with the care of horses.

The insurance pays $3,750 as a broken bone benefit and reimburses Kim for physiotherapy costs incurred which are not claimable by Medicare:

  • 7 Day excess period = NIL
  • 20 weeks @ $600 per week
  • Routine Benefit = $12,000
  • Broken Bone Benefit 75% of $3,000 = $3,750
  • Non Medicare Medical Expenses = $3,000
  • Total claimed = $18,750

Risk Management

What is Duty of Care?
What is Personal Accident Insurance and How does it work?
Risk Management

Important documents

This website and summary documents are to be used as a guide only and provide a summary of the main points of cover. Please read the Policy Document(s) or contact Gow-Gates Insurance Brokers for the complete policy terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

They do yes, on receipt of a claim all your earnings are taken into consideration in working out your pre injury earnings. If you cannot undertake this part time work whilst not being able to train, then these earnings would be added to work out your pre injury earnings.

A claim can be made after 13 weeks after which the Workers Compensation payments will reduce significantly.

No, cover under this policy applies whilst you are engaged in your duties of your occupation as a horse trainer including direct travel between normal residence and normal place of work

Yes, the policy covers you Australia wide and overseas. The automatic inclusion of overseas cover is limited to 7 days maximum cover any one trip. Should your overseas work and training activities exceed 7 days, contact Gow-Gates to arrange additional cover including Travel Insurance requirements.

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