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What is covered?

Please refer to the following policies for information about what is covered by the Athletics Australia and Little Athletics Australia insurance program. The insurance program aims to ensure that Athletes, Volunteers, Officials, Members, Clubs, Centres and Member Associations are provided comprehensive insurance coverage.

Personal accident

The Athletics Australia and Little Athletics Australia Personal Accident insurance covers all athletes, volunteers, officials, members and other non-competing representatives that are sanctioned by Athletics Australia and Little Athletics Australia.

Public & Products Liability

The Policy is designed to protect Individuals, Clubs and Centres with respect to their legal liability arising from third parties in relation to personal injury and property damage.


Property insurance is designed to safeguard the assets of Clubs, Centres and Member Associations. This coverage is specifically tailored to provide a robust protective shield for buildings, contents, stock and sporting equipment.

Management Liability

The Policy provides protection for Clubs and Centres and its Directors, Officers and Committee Members as a result of any alleged wrongful act whilst undertaking their roles in an official capacity.

Professional Indemnity

The Policy provides coverage for an Insured’s legal liability for breach of professional duty resulting from an act, error or omission committed by or on behalf of the Insured.

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Submitting a claim

Athletes, Volunteers and Member Claims

For all Personal Accident claims, The insured person is required to complete all relevant fields of the claims form. You may be required to lodge additional information to support your claim.

In order to submit your claim online - please visit

Club and Centre Claims

For all claims relating to Public and Products Liability, Professional Indemnity and Management Liability, notify Gow-Gates immediately of your intention to lodge a liability claim via one of the following options

Do not admit liability under any circumstances.

Club & Centre Requirements


Athletics Australia and Little Athletics Australia provide a minimum level of property coverage for all Clubs and Centres.

The Athletics Australia and Little Athletics Australia National Property Insurance Program has been specifically crafted to safeguard the assets of Clubs, Centres, and Member Associations. This comprehensive coverage is tailored to provide a robust protective shield for insured buildings, contents, stock and sporting equipment.

The coverage aims to mitigate the financial impact of unforeseen events, such as natural disasters, accidents, or other covered perils. By securing property insurance, Clubs, Centres, and Member Associations can rest assured that their assets are protected, allowing them to focus on their core activities - Athletics.

Please note - Gow-Gates are able to assist your Club or Centre to upgrade your base level of cover.

Risk Management

The Risk Management Framework has been developed in conjunction with Gow-Gates, Athletics Australia & Little Athletics Australia to provide a uniform approach to assist Clubs and Centres in assessing and managing risks associated with athletics.

It is recommended that a designated Responsible and/or Risk Management Officer is appointed, within your Clubs or Centres organisational structure. It is important to ensure this information is made available to all Club Directors, Staff, Participants and Volunteers.

Please use the following links to access the below Risk Management documents:

Injury Prevention

Athletics Australia have implemented an Injury Risk Benchmarking Project to improve athletic function that can be developed to decrease potential risk of injury and time lost from training. it is intended that the tests can be performed by either a physiotherapist or strength and conditioning coach.

AA Injury Benchmarking Test Project

Junior Sport Guidelines for Athletics

Athletics Australia also aims to help assist athletes in nutrition:

Little Athletics also has dedicated injury prevention resources available at:

Club Critical Incident Response Plan:

It is recommended that all Club and Centres are familiar with their Critical Incident Response Plan. This Plan will help ensure the safety and well-being of stakeholders in the event of an emergency situation. The key components of an Incident Response Plan should include:

Communication & Key Contacts:

  • Provide relevant emergency contacts for medical services, local authorities, applicable member association and other relevant entities
  • Establish a communication plan which includes a chain of command and communication methods

Emergency Procedures:

  • Establish a framework and protocols that are to be followed in the event of a critical incident
  • Include evacuation diagrams, access points for emergency services and first aid procedures

Incident Reporting:

  • Provide a clear process for reporting incidents
  • Establish a system for documenting the incident, response, and outcomes
  • Contact your Member Association and/or Gow-Gates

What is Duty of Care?
What is Personal Accident Insurance and How does it work?

Certificate of Currency

A Certificate of Currency (CoC) is proof that your Club and/or Centre holds a current insurance policy. Typically, local councils or third parties will request to sight your Club and/or Centre Public and Products Liability CoC to confirm that the policy covers the following party for their respective rights and interests.

In order to request a Certificate of Currency, please complete the below fields.

Couldn't access your Club's Certificate of Currency

Please fill out the form below.

The policy does automatically include the interest of additional parties as follows:

Every principal, in respect of that principal's vicarious or contingent liability for the acts or omissions of one of the Insureds in the performance by them of work for that principal, but subject always to the extent of coverage and the Limit of Liability provided by this Policy.

A Certificate of Currency can be provided naming an interested party in line with the above.

Important documents

Frequently Asked Questions

Participating in sanctioned activities. As well as:

events, games, tournaments and training sessions and training camps, coaching, the rendering of first aid, volunteering, organising and gaging in social activities, fundraising, BBQ's and other social gatherings and any other activity incidental thereto

Unfortunately, the Health Insurance Act 1973 does not allow a policy of this type to cover expenses for which any Medicare rebate is made.

126 Prohibition of certain medical insurance

(1) A person shall not make a contract of insurance with another person that contains a provision purporting to make the first-mentioned person liable to make a payment in the event of the incurring by the other person of a liability to pay medical expenses in respect of the rendering in Australia of a professional service for which Medicare benefit is, or but for subsection 18(4) would be, payable.

Medical expenses for which there is no benefit payable by Medicare are still claimable. These include Ambulance, Physio, Private Hospital Accommodation and Dental amongst others.

Councils cannot be noted as a named Insured on the Policy. They can be listed as an interested party on Certificates of Currency, which is a legal document that demonstrates you have Public Liability Insurance. Please click here to request a Certificate of Currency for your Public Liability policy.

A spectator who is injured cannot make a claim on the Sports Personal Injury policy. If a spectator was injured and decided to seek damages from the club alleging the club's negligence, then the General Liability policy would respond. Important, you must not admit Liability without the Insurers consent. Any claim made by a spectator must be referred to the Insurer as soon as possible for their instructions.

First talk to Gow-Gates, ask for claims staff for the Athletics Australia and Little Athletics Australia Insurance Programme.

If this does not resolve the matter or You are not satisfied with the way a complaint has been dealt with, you should contact the Complaints Manager on 02 8267 9999 or put your complaint in writing to info@gowgates.com.au or by mail at

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Please mark the envelope "Notice of Complaint". We will endeavour to resolve your complaint quickly and fairly.

If your complaint cannot be resolved to your satisfaction within 21 days, you may have the right to refer the matter to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA)."

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