Rise in the property market despite the COVID-19 crisis

April 8, 2021

Despite the harsh impacts of the pandemic, housing values across Australia have not only remained afloat, but have reached record highs

AMP Capital’s chief economist, Shane Oliver predicts a 5 per cent rise in home prices in 2021 amid record-low mortgage rates, government home buyer incentives and income support measures (The Adviser Magazine). 

With a significant decrease in interest rates and new government schemes, both have played an important part in making new home ownership in the post-COVID-19 environment more achievable for individuals and familiesThe demand during this time was driven by first-time buyers taking advantage of 2020’s pandemic-induced dip in values. 

The increase in property prices this year has had an affect nationwide, with every capital city and their surrounding regions recording a rise in housing values, ranging from a 2.3 per cent across Darwin to a 0.4 per cent rise in both Sydney and Melbourne.  

CoreLogic’s January Hedonic Home Value Index showed that home values continued to ascend through January 2021 to a new high. With the median home value reaching $583,157 during the first month of this year. 

The rising prices are result of record-low mortgage rates, a strong economic recovery and the fact that buyer demand is very strong against relatively low levels of supply. The value of lending to investors was up 14.1 per cent in the December 2020 quarter compared with the September 2020 quarter. To be able to ease this rapid growth in the housing market there would need to be restrained lending conditions or higher levels of supply are needed. 


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