Covering your motor vehicle against accidental damage and theft. It can also protect you from the financial costs of repairing or replacing another person's vehicle in an accident where you're at fault.

Who should consider Motor protection?

If your car is stolen, comprehensive motor insurance can pay you the agreed or market value, so you can buy another car.

Third party property damage (TPPD) insurance - can cover the costs you may be liable to pay if you are at fault and damage or write off someone else's car - is also available as a standalone policy.

Marine transit insurance is important for businesses involved in shipping or receiving goods, operating watercraft commercially, repairing vessels, running a marina and more.

What can it cover?

Motor insurance provides you with extensive protection if your vehicle suffers loss or damage. The exact cover you can receive depends on the policy that you take out. But to give you an idea, here are some of the benefits

Case Study

Scenario: On your way home from work, you were involved in a minor accident with a SUV, which was your fault. While the other car had a minor scratch, your car had some serious damage. After pulling over, you contacted your insurance broker who took some details and arranged for your car to be towed and assessed.

Outcome: Because your policy also contained a rental car inclusion, they helped you arrange a hire car so that you could get to work. An assessor contacted you the next day, letting you know that your car could be fixed and that your insurance would cover the cost. They arranged to have it repaired at your smash repairer of choice. While you were waiting for your car to be repaired, you had access to the rental car - with the cost also covered by your policy.

*Disclaimer: The information contained in this case study is used only for the purpose of illustration. Individual circumstances, insurance and coverage may vary.

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