Contract Works

Plenty can go wrong on a construction site. Having contract works insurance allows you to get on with the job with less stress and worry.

Who should consider Contract Works protection?

Contract works insurance is recommended for small, medium and large commercial, industrial and domestic builders, sub-contractors and owner-builders.

Most owner builders take out contract works insurance for specific contracts.

Professional builders generally choose an annual policy that covers multiple contracts.

What can it cover?

Contract works insurance can cover the building which is under construction, whether it's a kit home, straw bale or mud brick home, multistory apartment or commercial building. It can also cover the equipment used in construction, as well as public liability risk.

Case Study

Scenario: You start your own small earth moving firm. In the first couple of years, you borrow money and invest much of your income back into the business, buying the latest equipment and a work vehicle. After starting work on a new construction at a new site, you leave your tools and equipment locked in a garage on the site overnight. But that night, thieves break into the garage and steal your tools, worth $25,000.

Outcome: You contact your insurance broker who helps you put in a claim. You are quickly reimbursed for your loss, so you aren't out-of-pocket and can keep your business running.

*Disclaimer: The information contained in this case study is used only for the purpose of illustration. Individual circumstances, insurance and coverage may vary.

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