Tropical Cyclone Jasper


As Tropical Cyclone Jasper hits north Queensland, Gow-Gates is committed to providing dedicated support to our valued clients. With the impact of Cyclone Jasper being felt, we want to ensure you have the information you need to prioritise safety, navigate insurance claims, and receive the assistance required.

1. Be Safe First: Your Well-being Matters

In the face of a natural disaster like Tropical Cyclone Jasper, the safety of you and your loved ones takes precedence. Here are some essential steps to prioritise your well-being:

  • Stay Informed: Keep yourself updated with the latest weather forecasts and warnings. Reliable sources such as meteorological agencies and local authorities can provide crucial information on the cyclone's path, expected impact, and safety measures.
  • Evacuation Plans: If authorities issue evacuation orders, follow them promptly. Have a pre-established evacuation plan in place, including the location of emergency shelters and evacuation routes. Take only essential items, including important documents, medications, and basic necessities.
  • Emergency Contacts: Ensure everyone in your household is aware of emergency contact numbers, including your insurance broker. Having these contacts readily available can streamline communication in case of any adverse events.
  • Document Damages: If it is safe to do so, document damages to your property by taking photographs or videos. This evidence will be crucial when filing an insurance claim. We stress that it is important that you do not put yourself or anyone else at risk of injury.

2. What to Do If You're Affected/Damaged: Contact Us Immediately

In the aftermath of Tropical Cyclone Jasper, the process of filing an insurance claim can be overwhelming. Here's a step-by-step guide on what to do:

  • Contact Your Insurance Broker: Reach out to us as soon as possible. Provide us with details of the damages incurred, and we will guide you through the claims process. Timely communication is crucial for a swift resolution.
  • Document Damages: As mentioned earlier, document damages thoroughly. This includes capturing images and videos of the affected areas and items. This visual evidence serves as a vital record for the claims assessment.
  • Follow Instructions: We will guide you on the necessary steps to initiate the claims process. Follow our instructions meticulously to ensure a smooth and efficient resolution.

3. Mitigation Strategies: Minimising Risks and Losses

While it's impossible to control the weather, there are proactive measures you can take to minimise risks and potential damages:

  • Secure Important Documents: Keep important documents, such as insurance policies, identification, and financial records, in a secure, waterproof container. This ensures easy access to essential information during and after the cyclone.
  • Reinforce Your Property: Implement structural reinforcements where possible. Strengthen doors and windows, secure loose objects, and trim overhanging branches. These measures can reduce the risk of damage to your property.
  • Review Your Insurance Coverage: Regularly review your insurance policies with us to ensure they adequately cover your needs. Understand the scope of coverage for natural disasters and make necessary adjustments to mitigate potential financial losses.

As Tropical Cyclone Jasper hits, Gow-Gates is not just your insurance broker; we are your dedicated partner in safeguarding your assets. For any inquiries or assistance related to Tropical Cyclone Jasper, contact our dedicated team at 1300 165 116 or visit

Stay safe, stay informed, and let Gow-Gates be your partner in recovery.

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