‘Tis The Season To Stay Safe


With many businesses shutting down or running on skeleton staff, organizations need to consider what message to share over the holiday period. The lead up to Christmas can create a feel-good factor with distractions of holiday plans or changes in workloads, so reminding workers to remain focused on the job is paramount. In addition, people engage in a great deal more social activity and are more likely to take unnecessary risks. As business owners, you wish your employees only the best over the holiday break but as we all know, accidents can happen.

As Australian roads experience higher than average road accidents and fatalities, encouraging your workforce to navigate risk factors could make all the difference. Consider these following tips to keep workers safe this summer:

  • Plan your trip, route and travel at non-peak times;
  • Check your vehicle is in good condition and consider a service before making long journeys;
  • Drive to conditions, such as weather, traffic, speed limits, road works, unsealed roads, blind corners and your individual ability to drive;
  • Be aware of fatigue, driving tired is a major cause of fatal accidents. Be well rested, take breaks every 2 hours and avoid driving when you would normally be sleeping;
  • Secure Trailers and Caravans, making sure all attachments and loads are secure and allow good visibility; and
  • Be patient, buckle up and remember you are sharing the road.

With the sharp increase in DIY and holiday decorating, recent data suggests that falls from ladders is also trending up with 80% of hospitalization resulting from falls encountered at home. Interviews at the emergency department uncovered a range of preventable factors. Consider these following tips to keep workers safe this summer:

  • Avoid standing on furniture and tables;
  • Use quality step ladders or ladders allowing the reach you need;
  • Check the ladder is free from damage and in good condition;
  • Set up the ladder on a stable surface and secure any locks;
  • Know your limits, alcohol impairs your ability; and
  • Most at risk include men aged 60 and over.

Cooling off at the beach or in a swimming pool is a great way to enjoy the summer. However in NSW alone an average of 35 people drown every summer. Whether you are at the beach, on rock platforms, in backyard swimming pools or local water ways it’s important to exercise caution. Consider the following tips to keep workers safe this summer:

  • Always supervise children in or near water, those under five are most at risk;
  • Alcohol and swimming don’t mix, accounting for about 20% of all adult drownings each year and this increases for those under 24;
  • Take a friend and swim between the red and yellow flags; a third of drownings occurred at beaches not being patrolled;
  • Obey the safety signs; rips, surf craft and dumping waves can be dangerous; and
  • Stick your hand up, stay calm, and call for help if you get into trouble.

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