Other Claims

The Gow-Gates’ Claims Team are here to support you during the claim process. We will work closely with you to minimise any disruption to you or your business and get the fastest possible turnaround on your claim with your insurer.

Our experienced team of brokers are here to guide you through the entire claims process. We provide a full claims service to ensure our clients receive prompt and efficient settlement on their insurance claims.

As soon as an event that causes loss, damage or liability occurs, you must:

  • Take all reasonable steps to prevent any further loss from occurring.
  • Complete a detailed incident report containing the third party’s name, date and time of loss as well as a full description of the loss. Include any relevant photographs and supporting documentation detailing the loss.
  • Advise the nearest police station if your property is stolen, lost or vandalised or maliciously damaged. You may be asked for a police report of the incident.
  • Do not admit liability regarding the incident that may give rise to a claim against you.

Sport Claim

Please visit our Sport page for more information on claims procedures for the programmes we manage.

Liability Claim

Under no circumstances must liability be admitted either verbally or in writing.

Upon the happening of any incident likely to give rise to a claim, the following procedure should be implemented:

  • Do not admit any liability.
  • All reasonable steps should be taken following an occurrence to protect the person or property from any further injury.
  • Accurately record any conversations with the third party.
  • Take photos of the area at which the incident occurred and collate all relevant documentation.
  • Keep a record of:
    • The date of the loss and the date it was reported to your organisation
    • The place of occurrence of the loss and a brief description of what happened
    • Details of the injured person or owners of damaged property
    • Details of any witnesses
    • If known, the nature of the personal injury or damage to property
    • With damage to property, any available estimate of the cost of the damage
    • Copies of any correspondence or legal proceedings

Do not give any interviews or make any statements to a loss adjuster or other person investigating any accident of damage UNLESS such person is acting on behalf of your Insurer or your own organisation.

No correspondence should be entered into with a third party except acknowledgment of receipt of the claim.

If you receive a formal demand or legal documents, such as a statement of claim, form a third party please advise Gow-Gates immediately.

Water Damage

The source of the water should be identified as soon as possible and the leak / water ingress stopped to prevent further damage. Where possible please arrange the attendance of a plumber / roofer as applicable for emergency repairs / make safe.

If contents and carpets require drying please arrange the attendance of a specialist company such Steamatic or Cowan Restoration.

Obtain a quotation for repairs and provide this to Gow-Gates together with any invoices.

Theft or Loss

Advise the nearest police station if your property is stolen or lost.

Proof of ownership must be provided noting that the stolen/lost items must be owned by the named insured or be its responsibility to insure.  Please obtain replacement quotes.

Glass Breakage / Windscreen

The preferred glazier of most Insurer’s is O’Brien Glass.  In most instances O’Brien Glass can carry out the glass replacement and bill the Insurer for the cost, less any applicable policy excess.

O’Brien Glass may be contacted direct with the name of the Insurer and policy number. They will contact the Insurer to confirm policy cover and the applicable excess.

Where the glass is of unusual size or cost the Insurer may appoint a loss adjuster.

Motor Vehicle Claim

Do not admit liability. Comply with police reporting requirements.

  • Record the name, address, phone number, email address, licence number and insurer of other drivers involved, and the registration numbers of their vehicles.
  • Try to get names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of witnesses.
  • If your vehicle is not driveable and you have comprehensive cover, arrange for it to be towed somewhere safe. Make sure you have the address details so that you can let us know where your vehicle is located.
  • If your vehicle has been stolen report it to the police as soon as possible.

Lodge a claim with your Insurer either direct by phone or on line, or via Gow-Gates by completing a claim form.

Please arrange a quotation for repairs to your vehicle either with your preferred repairer of one of Insurers network repairers.

Any applicable excess is usually payable to the repairer when the vehicle is collected after the repairs are complete.

If you receive any correspondence from a Third Party or their Insurer, please forward it to us unanswered except for a simple acknowledgement if you wish.

Direct Lodgement

Some Insurers have the facility to accept claims direct by phone or online. Direct lodgement can be the quickest method to have repairs completed without delay.

To lodge a motor or household claim directly with your insurance company, please contact them on one of the numbers below (not all Insurers are listed).

INSURER Telephone Website
Allianz 13 10 13
CGU 13 24 80
CHU 1800 022 444
Custom Home 1300 002 255
GT Insurance 02 9966 8820
NTI 1800 684 669
QBE 133 723
Vero 1300 888 073
Zurich 132 687


General Advice Warning – the information above is intended as a guide only and should not be relied upon without consulting your relevant insurance policy wording and conditions or conversely seeking professional advice from either your insurance broker or insurer regarding a claim or potential loss. Any links or advice on suppliers should not be taken as recommendations from Gow-Gates.