Workers Compensation

Our Workplace Solutions team specialises in delivering a cost-effective solution for your workers compensation insurance.

Our holistic and innovative approach focuses not just on reducing workers compensation premiums but also on mitigating workplace risk and minimising the administrative burden and indirect costs of workers compensation to your business.

Our National Workers Compensation Services include:

  • Complimentary health check of your programme
  • Design and implementation of optimal policy structure for immediate and sustainable premium savings
  • Strategic claims and injury management
  • Early intervention solutions
  • Premium forecasting and management strategies
  • Formulation and negotiation of premium appeal submissions
  • Marketing and placement of policies
  • Performance reporting and analysis
  • Insurer and service provider management
  • Advice on alternative premium models and schemes (Loss Prevention & Recovery (LPR), Authorised Provider, self-insurance and Comcare)
  • Education and training
  • Key Market and legislative updates
  • Ad hoc professional advice and recommendations

Our Outsourced Return to Work (RTW) Coordinator Services include:

  • Triaging of claims
  • Lodgement of claims
  • Development and implementation of RTW programme
  • Identification of suitable duties
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Development of RTW plans
  • Development and implementation of cost-effective return to work strategies
  • Case conferences with doctors and injured workers to negotiate and facilitate a safe and durable RTW
  • Attendance at claims reviews and provision of ongoing claims and injury management assistance
  • Guidance, training and support for managers/supervisors etc.
  • Regular liaison with insurers, broker, service providers and other key stakeholders
  • Administration support
  • Other tasks as identified and agreed

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