Work Health and Safety

Our experienced Workplace Solutions team can provide your business with a range of tailored Work Health and Safety services.

Work Health and Safety (WHS), also referred to as Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) involves assessing and mitigating risks that may affect the health and safety of the people in your workplace.

Work Health and Safety legislation has enacted significant responsibilities for managers, supervisors and workers. Requirements around workplace safety policies and procedures have been broadened and significant increases to penalties and sentencing options are now available to authorities – if employers are found negligent.

How can Gow-Gates help your business?

We offer ongoing, flexible and tailored safety solutions to ensure you have the support you need to meet compliance standards, protect your workers and organisation, while reducing expenses associated with workers compensation and other regulatory penalties.

The Gow-Gates safety model will reduce the complexity associated with Work Health and Safety, whilst building your businesses processes, systems and capabilities.

Work Health and Safety Services 

We are committed to assisting organisations mitigate workplace risk, including:

  • Gap analysis audit of Work Health and Safety Management System
  • Work Health and Safety Management System design, development and implementation
  • Extensive performance reporting and analysis on key injury trends and implementation of targeted initiatives
  • General WHS training, coaching and support
  • Development of WHS Strategic Plans
  • Safe work method statements
  • Workplace Risk assessments
  • Incident management and investigation activities
  • Hazard and risk profiling
  • Chain of Responsibility (COR) documentation for heavy vehicles
  • Compliance documentation and development
  • Ergonomic and workstation assessments
  • Development and implementation of Health and Wellbeing programmes
  • Mental health coaching and training

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