Business Risk Protection

Insuring your business and your key staff needs to be a priority and our team can provide specialist advice to ensure you and your business are protected.

Running a successful business takes time, money and is significant work. It’s easy to overlook the likelihood of illness or injury to yourself or key staff, but unfortunately it does happen.

Gow-Gates can provide you with the advice and support for all your business protection needs. With access to a wide range of leading providers we can tailor a solution to ensure quality cover at competitive prices across a full range of Business Risk Insurances, including;

Key Person Insurance

Insuring your staff who play a key role in the ongoing success of your business is essential. Key Person Insurance can provide the business a monthly benefit that can be used to cover business expenses, including fixed costs, staff salaries, recruitment and training. It’s a vital solution that will help keep your business working at full speed, even when your staff are unable to do so.

Business Expenses Insurance

Business Expense Insurance helps keep your business going by reimbursing your fixed expenses if you are unable to work due to sickness or injury. The premiums are usually tax deductible and can be packaged with salary continuance cover to make sure both your personal income and your work expenses are covered.

Buy/Sell Agreement (Partnership Protection)

Also known as a buyout agreement, this is a legally binding agreement between partners to a business that governs the situation if a co-owner dies, chooses to leave, or is otherwise forced to leave the business. Often known as a ‘business will’ its key themes can include, who can buy a partners shareholding, trigger events for a buyout, price to be paid and even how a purchase is funded.

Group Insurance

Taken out by the business on behalf of all or a selection of staff it can provide access to Life, Total and Permanent Disability and Salary Continuance cover at discounted rates and without the need for underwriting. Group Insurance is generally tax deductible and also a great employee benefit to assist you in being an employer of choice, increasing loyalty and reducing staff retention.