How We Work

Why use a broker?

A qualified broker will ensure that they understand your business thoroughly, in order to supply professional advice on what insurance products are appropriate for your business. In this way, the specialist advice provided, assists you in understanding what coverage is available at the best possible price and therefore be able to make an informed decision.

By acting as an agent for you in the insurance market, an insurance broker will seek the best possible terms and cover, with only your interests in mind. Engaging an insurance broker will often cost less than purchasing insurance direct, as a broker will be able to access terms from insurers that direct consumers would not be able to.

Why use Gow-Gates as your broker?

At Gow-Gates, the priority of our insurance brokers is to understand your business, assess and help you manage your risks and provide professional advice on appropriate insurance solutions, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Gow-Gates has access to a variety of insurance products, most of which are not available direct to consumers. Our qualified brokers fully understand the benefits, exclusions and costs of competing policies, to ensure the most favourable solution for yourselves.

Our role includes supplying insurance related advice, arranging the purchase of insurance covers, negotiating with insurers on your behalf and of course ongoing advice and service. In addition and very importantly, in the unfortunate event of a loss, we assist in managing your claim from start to finish.

The Steadfast Broker Network

Gow-Gates is also a member of the Steadfast Group, Australasia’s largest insurance broker network with access to over 150 national and international insurers. No matter how unique your business, we’ll find the cover.

What happens when I have a claim?

We act as your personal claims advocate. We act on your behalf, liaising with the insurance company to negotiate the best possible outcome for you. Whether the claim is small or large, we ensure the experience is stress-free allowing you to move forward and focus on your business.

To lodge a claim, visit our Make a Claim page for more information.