Real Estate and Construction

Gow-Gates’ Real Estate and Construction Practice can help you manage risks, reduce costs, access broader coverage terms and conditions, with reputable insurers.

The construction and real estate industry is inherently risky and litigious, due to the complex nature of construction projects and the number of parties often involved.

Property damage losses can cause serious issues to real estate owners, operators, managers and developers alike. It can impact project viability, revenue, brand equity and shareholder value.

Adequate insurance protection along with prudent risk management can help avoid potentially catastrophic consequences which may be detrimental to your business.

With advice and guidance from our team of dedicated industry experts, you can manage your business risks, mitigate potentially significant claims expenses and become a safer and more successful industry competitor.

We have specific expertise in insurance programmes for:

  • Civil construction and engineering
  • Crane and heavy motor
  • Design professionals
  • Administrative responsibilities for complex real estate organisations